Become aware of the world around you.

We are living in challenging times, everyday we are bombarded with chatter from all directions. Our gadgets keep us distracted, society is struggling through difficult times. This November in America we will be electing a new President and the stakes are very high. Never have we witnessed such disorder and confusion. It is our duty to be very aware of everything that is being said, to go beyond all the rhetoric. To look into all the issues, the quality of all of our lives hang in the balance. Apathy should not be a choice, we should all be involved. Continue reading “Become aware of the world around you.”

The importance of special friends

Acapulco, Mexico
Acapulco, Mexico

I have been away visiting some very dear friends and it has made me very aware of the importance that friends have in our lives.

We come into the world alone and leave alone but through the course of our lives we will come across and meet many people. Some who will stay for a little while and a very few others who will accompany us for many years, even a lifetime. Continue reading “The importance of special friends”

Thoughts on the quality of life


imageIt is all in the details.

Pay attention to how you do things, little details can make all the difference. They color the way people perceive you, It is about respect first for yourself and secondly about how you care for others. Finding a way to create beauty out of the simplest things. Remembering that simplicity requires nothing less than everything. Laying the table when you sit down to eat alone or with invited guests. A single flower in a vase with a drop of water on the petal, or the color combinations you mix with the plates, the food you prepare, and the napkins you set out. It is about ceremony, the importance of ritual. Take the time to think about this, I call it living poetically. It is not about just putting things together, it is about how much thought you put into it. Continue reading “Thoughts on the quality of life”



imageWhen going for a walk take advantage of what you can accomplish for yourself. Not only the physical aspects of it, but the opportunity you have to attune your senses and powers of observation. What this means is that it is important to have no instruments with you for distraction. You want only your cell phone with you for security, but put it on vibrate for silence. Above all don’t have music playing in your ears. Continue reading “TAKING A WALK”

Helpful tips for living a fulfilling life

Make yourself financially independent as soon as you can. Know that you are not subservient or inferior to any man. Use your charms as a women to be warm, loving and kind. Remember that to be an empowered women you do not need to be hard, aggressive or defensive.
In fact, it is best to use the soft side of your character to gain other people‚Äôs confidence. Be confident, accepting and kind. Continue reading “Helpful tips for living a fulfilling life”