Thoughts on the quality of life


imageIt is all in the details.

Pay attention to how you do things, little details can make all the difference. They color the way people perceive you, It is about respect first for yourself and secondly about how you care for others. Finding a way to create beauty out of the simplest things. Remembering that simplicity requires nothing less than everything. Laying the table when you sit down to eat alone or with invited guests. A single flower in a vase with a drop of water on the petal, or the color combinations you mix with the plates, the food you prepare, and the napkins you set out. It is about ceremony, the importance of ritual. Take the time to think about this, I call it living poetically. It is not about just putting things together, it is about how much thought you put into it.

Each and every one of us is born with the ability to create beauty, it is there for us to behold if we take the time to really look. When we fall in love we see beauty everywhere and in turn we create it because we feel the magic of it. So all we have to do is fall in love with life and the magic will be there for us. The attention we pay to how we dress, how we put make up on, is about creating a gift for those who will see us. Their reaction will be our gift returning, and if we each think to do this the world around us can transform into a special caring place.

The foundation of anything we create comes from the details that go into the execution of what we are engaged in. Love yourself and all the world will love you for it. Just a short thought for today.

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