Become aware of the world around you.

We are living in challenging times, everyday we are bombarded with chatter from all directions. Our gadgets keep us distracted, society is struggling through difficult times. This November in America we will be electing a new President and the stakes are very high. Never have we witnessed such disorder and confusion. It is our duty to be very aware of everything that is being said, to go beyond all the rhetoric. To look into all the issues, the quality of all of our lives hang in the balance. Apathy should not be a choice, we should all be involved.

It seems too often we react only to loud and raucous statements, by people who have no business talking the way they do. Be alert, Be skeptical, start using your instincts, don’t be fooled. Experience is very important in anything anyone does. The more you have of it the better to guide others with. They say that to become a master, you need at least ten years to begin to understand, yet ten more to process, and a further ten to begin to get a glimpse into the way forward. It is a long road ¬†that is guided by a deep and abiding passion for the good of the collective.

We are at a crossroads, where we each have a duty to be begin to question what kind of world we want. Do we want an angry, tortured one? Or do we want, a kind, all inclusive one? Where each person’s life is important and of value? We need to start looking away from our distractions, and instead start looking at those who cross our paths everyday. We cannot ignore each other anymore, we need to open our arms and except. We need to read, to gather information from all sources, to exchange with each other. So that we can make informed choices based on logic and experience.

We cannot, because of apathy, let a few take away our choices. We have to step up to the plate and make our voices heard. Become involved, become an important part of the process.

Life is a demanding task master and at times we forget, distracted with the daily task of surviving. But our very survival depends on each and every one of us. We can be a part of change or be dragged along by it. Become a protagonist in your own lives, and the quality that you want your life to be.

As challenging as these times are, they are also great opportunities to create change and a better world. If we can all start to engage, we can make miracles. All we have to do is be committed and work hard to make change happen. These are also exciting times, so let’s get going and rejoice in the God given abilities we are all born with.


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