imageWhen going for a walk take advantage of what you can accomplish for yourself. Not only the physical aspects of it, but the opportunity you have to attune your senses and powers of observation. What this means is that it is important to have no instruments with you for distraction. You want only your cell phone with you for security, but put it on vibrate for silence. Above all don’t have music playing in your ears.

Be available for all that the day, the sun, the scenery has to offer. Concentrate on what you are experiencing using your eyes, ears and senses. This will give you a great way to re-charge your spirit and provide a welcome space of time in which to de-compress. A sort of emotional and psychological cleansing. Who knows, when you allow this to happen, your creative impulses have a chance to come into being. It is an important step to take for yourself.

The world around is so full of chatter and distractions, selling a way of life that is set up to confuse, distort and alienate us from the things that really matter. So give yourself the gift of time away from it all in your daily re-balancing walk. The ideal for walking is an hour a day or 10.000 steps. All together or divided into two segments. I know, the excuse is there is not enough time, but who are you kidding? This is something of importance for YOURSELF.

Have you noticed when you do get out for a walk, how the mother pushing her baby in it’s stroller has eyes only for the cell phone in her hand. The baby or young child is left to sit there with an absent mother. Those magical times with our child are completely lost. There is no communication, no laughter, no reassurance. So the child will learn that the parent really has no time for it, and will not understand why it feels alone and slightly abandoned.

Or the dog walkers with their cute dogs at the mercy of their owners stop and go walking. Of their leads being pulled to stop them from moving forward when the owner has to stop to talk. What happened to the nice long walks? With the owner running or playing with their dog? Everything is de-fragmented, disconnected.

So do yourself a favor and honor the silence of non communication and listen to the wind fluttering in the trees, the sound of the water running in the occasional fountains. The sound of the birds busy chirping their delight at the beautiful day. Smell the flowers in your path, and feel the sun warming you from above. Be grateful for all the bounty that is around you, and rejoice that you are aware and in tune with it all.

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