The importance of special friends

Acapulco, Mexico
Acapulco, Mexico

I have been away visiting some very dear friends and it has made me very aware of the importance that friends have in our lives.

We come into the world alone and leave alone but through the course of our lives we will come across and meet many people. Some who will stay for a little while and a very few others who will accompany us for many years, even a lifetime.

What makes the difference between a short friendship and one that is long ? On thinking about this question I realize that genuine caring is one of the most important ingredients. It is the email you receive, the telephone call that somehow arrives when you least expect it. The care and dedication that goes into the exchanges you have over time. Through thick and thin, you have each been careful to be present, alive with thoughts, exchanges, teaching each other as you both go through the richness that life is providing.

Sharing the precious moments that you each create like magic with an inspired idea for a get together, or a simple lunch. Watching the sun set over the bay waiting for that last second when a vivid green flash might appear just as the sun sinks beyond the horizon. Laughing when it doesn’t as is most often the case. I have only seen it once in my life, they say it is good luck when you see it. Which is why it is so rare.

The special friend is the one who you find to have so much in common with. The ideas you both share, the joy you find in making sure you are taking care of each other’s health by passing on things you discover. Doing yoga together, or teaching a new breathing technique. Your best friend can also be your boyfriend, your husband your sister or brother. It is all about the care you put into the exchanges you have.

I am so grateful for all the special friends that make up the world that I am sharing with them, as I am sure everyone who comes here has as well. So take care with your special friends and rejoice in the fact that you are blessed with such abundance.



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