Susana was born in England and left to travel the world with her parents when she was nine months old. Her travels have been fundamental to her understanding of the diverse human spirit of peoples from many different cultures and backgrounds. Her training as a dancer, which began when she was ten years old at the Nesta Brooking Ballet School in London, has given her the discipline to demand the most of herself. At thirteen she moved to Rome where her parents were living to study with Grant Muradoff of the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo. She began her modern dance training in the methods of Martha Graham, Jose Limon and Brazilian primitive dance, when her family moved to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1963. She was invited to dance in the Gilberto Motta dance Company and on Brazilian television in a weekly musical review he choreographed.

In 1965 she moved to New York with her family and studied at the Martha Graham School, and in 1968 she went to study at the Merce Cunningham Dance Studio and shortly after, Merce invited her to join his Company. She danced with the Company until the summer of 1976, when she left to marry her future husband. In 1978 she became the Cunningham Studio Dance Education coordinator and taught repertory and technique classes at the studio in New York, as well as in Europe and Japan. She has lectured about Dance and taught classes in Europe and Japan and made and produced two documentaries on the subject.

After a six year research into well-being techniques such as Yoga, Body Centering Therapy, Meditation and Qigong, she devised and started teaching her Inner-Being-Retreats to help people become empowered to take care of their own health.

Her curiosity has led her to do many things apart from her dance career. She formed a catering company in New York for four years to finance an architectural project of her husband’s. She opened with her husband, Satoru Oishi a Japanese architect and sculptor, a Center for Experimental Art. She wrote six prose poetry books which she used for performance readings at their Art Center. Her catering clients included Channel Thirteen Public Television, Phillip Johnson Architects, three restaurants, and several private clients.

She has also lectured and taught her Inner-Being workshop/retreats, in New York, Paris, Rome, London, Tuscany, Barcelona, Evian, Mexico and Tokyo.